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Providing Everything Corrugated

Corrugated Box

A corrugated box is a disposable container whose sides are made up of layers of paper material that include an inside layer, outer layer, and middle layer. The middle layer is fluted, which means it is styled in rigid, wave-shaped arches that provide cushioning and support for weighted materials placed in a corrugated box.

Corrugated Boxes.jpg

Point of Sales

Points of Sale (POS) display boxes allow creative design presentation of products in a static display package to to maximise exposure and entice interests. Custom display boxes are designed and built with corrugated, cardboard and kraft material.

Point of Sales.png

Heavy Duty Packaging

Heavy-duty packaging is any form of cardboard packaging used for transporting heavy, bulky or high value items safely. It usually uses a double or triple-wall corrugated material and can also incorporate wood, foam, films and pallets for additional items protection and organisation.

Heavy Duty.png
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